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Sunday 19th April 2015

Corsham - Joint Support Unit

Corsham is a small Cotswold Town with good facilities including a supermarket, library and leisure Centre. The High Street also offers a good selection of shops, pubs, and restaurants. Corsham is 4 miles from Chippenham and 8 miles from Bath, these towns offer a wide choice of shopping and leisure facilities.

Transport links from Corsham are good with regular bus services to Bath, Chippenham, and main line rail links from Bath, Chippenham, and the M4 6 miles away.

10 Signal Regiment is Headquartered at the Basil Hill Site in Corsham. It is the only regular Royal Signals regiment within 2 Signal Brigade and consists of four Squadrons which are geographically dispersed throughout the United Kingdom, all having their own unique mission and role. 10 Signal Regiment is tasked to provide high readiness Information Communication Services (ICS), Information Management (IM) and specialist expertise to UK and Expeditionary Operations in order to support the nominated military commander(s).
LICSG has its HQ at the Basil Hill site in Corsham and is a National TA unit which responds rapidly to tasks around the world.

Basil Hill Barracks Park Lane Corsham Wiltshire SN13 9NR

Unit Facilities
  The unit has 2 gymnasiums based on Basil Hill and Rudloe. The junior ranks Mess is located at Rudloe and both the Officers and SNCO’s messes are on the Basil Hill Site. The Stags Head all ranks bar is on Rudloe. The single accommodation for junior ranks and SNCOs is located on the Rudloe site, with the Officers and some additional SNCOs on Basil Hill. There is an Interactive Learning Centre on Rudloe and sitituated within this is a small library.

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